Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment has over thousands of years, and includes such as acupuncture, cupping, acupressure point massage, moxibustion and various forms of herbal medicine and dietary therapy. Western medicine focuses mainly on treating disease whereas TCM looks at your entire well-being and is based on balance, harmony, and energy. Chinese Medicine is used not only to treat illness but also to promote general well being and to prevent disease.
    Acupuncture + herbal moxibustion can be very effective for beauty, loss weight, headache, toothache, discomfort of eyes, shoulder, neck, arms, waist, ligament sprain, Mastitis ,menstruation problem, stomach problem, Insomnia, cold and coughs, reduce the bad effects of Parkinson's disease treatments, cancer and hepatitis treatment as the assist medical way for all kinds of disease, when people take medicine, there always is some bad effects to our organs, but acupuncture can help release or reducing the bad effects!

What are the benefits of TCM acupuncture?